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Intel Corporation
Designs, manufactures and markets microcomputer components and related products at various levels of integration. Principal components consist of silicon-based semiconductors etched with complex patterns of transistors.
ATI Technologies
Designs, manufactures and markets chipsets and video cards for use in desktop, laptop, digital set-top boxes, TV and media gateways.
Acer Inc.
Offering a broad range of PC products from industry-leading high-end PC servers and multimedia desktop computers to notebooks, computer peripherals and components.
Bell Microproducts
Wholesale distributor of computer components including semicondustors, crystals, tape libraries, RAID, and network attached storage.
D and H Distributing Co.
Wholesale distributor of computer and peripheral products.
Large stock of components. Also offers great bundles with CPUs already included.
Authorized web site for Sun-certified toner cartridges, peripherals, software applications, supplies, adapters and services.
Dallas Semiconductor Corp
Develops, manufactures and markets high performance CMOS integrated circuits and semiconductor-based systems.
Corsair memory
High density memory for high end servers, desktops and motherboards.
The PC Technology Guide
Includes many explanatory graphics, an integrated glossary and a product reviews feature.
A product to flexibly relocate individual port to the front of a computer system.
Computers, hardware, software and solutions since 1991. Discounted online sales /ordering.
VAR wholesaler for hard drives, cpus, motherboards, cases, modems, networks, and memory.
Continental Resources
Computer hardware rental, leasing and buying, systems integration, test and measurement instruments, and power sources.
Sells cases, cables, power supplies, fans, and related cooling products.
Aria Technology
Supplier of computer components and pre-built systems.
Glory Pioneer International LTD.
Offers enclosures, power supplies, optical storage devices, cameras and monitors.
Centerprise International
Custom PC manufacturer and sales.
Enhance Electronics
Manufacturer of power supplies.
Dragonfly Computer
Sells high end computer components
KryoTech Online
The home of cool computing. PCs that contain their own refrigeration system, allowing a blistering 450 Mhz, speeds valuable to graphic artists, hard-core gamers, and other high performance users.
Computer Wholesale Distributors
Parts distributor. CPU's, memory, motherboards, and modems.
Nidec America Corporation
Manufacturers of precision motors, dominating the world's brushless dc motor market for hard disk drives. Fans & blowers, brushless motors, spindle motors.
Spectron Components, Inc.
Electronic manufacturers representative specializing in front panel, back panel, interconnect, enclosures and power applications as well as board level components.
Utron Technology, Inc.
Designs and manufactures chipsets, graphics controllers and PC motherboard clock generators.
PC Upgrade
Memory, CPU, hard drives, mainboard, and VGA, with lifetime warranty on aLL memory modules.
Koutech Systems, Inc.,
Manufacturer of I/O cards, specializing in USB, FireWire, RS-232C, IEEE 1284, SCSI, and other I/O products.
Inland Empire Components
World wide electronic stocking distributor.
Infinity Electronics
List with links of electronic components companies.
JCL Computer Parts
Computer parts wholesaler specializing in aluminum computer cases, rack-mounted server cases, removable hard drive racks, and LCD touch screens.
Excellis Media Services
Offers file servers, CD duplication equipment, and networking products.
Supplies wholesale computer parts for the public. Motherboards, cpus, harddrives, sound and video cards.
OM Associates
Representative for manufacturers of memory, processors, communications, wireless and digital storage devices.
The Village Geek
Sells computers and hardware with technical support.
Specializing in name brand components.
Junge GmbH
Sells switches, rackmount kits and cabling.
Keyco Distribution Ltd.
Sells computer accessories, cases and networking products.
A and N Lab's Inc.
Distributor of computer systems, components and peripherals.
Evergreen Technologies
Designs, manufactures, and distributes system upgrades, and CPU processors for the personal computer marketplace.
Computer Goodies
carries brand name and generic components.
So-Trick Computers
Specializes in computer parts and peripherals, unique computer cases and parts to modify computers.
Leadman Electronics
PC computer distributor and sales.
Advanced Computers and Technologies
Computer components sales.
9th Tee Enterprises
Specialty electronic items, computer components, network cable connectors and jacks.
IBS Electronics
Electronics components, computer hardware, peripherals and hard to find items.
Anderson Computer Systems
Complete line of internal computer hardware components and external peripherals thru fully assembled systems.
Ahead Computers Ltd.
Suppliers of computer components and accessories, computer upgrades.
Online computer shopping with brand name computer components for your home and office.
Tribeca Express
Hardware sales with an emphasis on WAN equipment, video conferencing, cameras and display monitors and wireless ethernet.
KTS Systems
Supplying computer components, parts and complete systems.
Offers high-performance PC systems and quality upgrade components, like mother board, CPU, memory, disk drive, multimedia and networks.
Computer components, hardware upgrade parts, online ordering, software, technical discussions rooms and networking.
Sells Macintosh clock batteries.
Royal Computer
Technology source for computers and components.
Catch A Call
Source for call manager devices for Internet users with only one phone line. Uses call waiting to receive calls and faxes while online.
BLink PC
Provides custom and barebone computer systems, laptops and a full line of hardware and accessories.
Best Electronics
Supplies computer cases, cooling fans, heat sinks, cables and accessories.
TopMicro Distribution
Wholesale distribution company of PC components, motherboards, DVD/CD-ROMs, video, sound, PCMCIA and CPU/memory.
PC Center
Provides custom built computers with top-of-the-line name-brand components.
Leading manufacturer of security lock down and cable devices for computers and office equipment.
Caribe Computer Components
Complete line of discount computer hardware parts, peripherals and fully assembled systems.
Direct reseller of custom computer systems, components, software, upgrade systems. You can configure any system online with immediate pricing updates. Online ordering available.
Deva Technologies
UK based supplier of PCs, components and hardware.
FM Electronics
Prehistoric computer parts for retro computers.
BCR-PC Computers
Resellers of single user to complete business networking PC solutions, as well as PC enhancements, upgrades, and streamlining.
PC Assist
Builds and sells quality PCs and computer related products.
ComputerSonics Inc
Motherboards, CPUs, hardware, memory and motherboards sales in the Puget Sound area.
Pioneer Computers Australia
Online shopping for large selection of top brand component.
Elmag Technologies Ltd.
Manufacturers representative and distributor for electronic components.
Computer Upgrades 2000 Ltd
Computer upgrades, troubleshooters, and virus busters.
Computer sales, components, upgrades and exports.
Sells desktop and notebook systems, hardware components including processors, motherboards, memory, video cards and hard drives.
Produces, distributes and custom designs protective computer enclosures and ModuLAN racking for workstations in potentially harmful environments.
Sony S-Link Resource Center
Devoted to understanding the Sony S-Link protocol, which allows components talk to each other. Links, bulletin boards and forums.
Computer Power Solutions, Inc
Provides uninterruptible power, network server enclosures, rack mounts, cabinets and LAN centers.
ARI Systems
Computer systems and components.
Nationwide distributor of computer products. Hardware and some software; systems built to fit customer needs.
Concord Electronics
Essential parts and data for design and manufacture of electronics.
Southgate Computers
Computer store, components and systems.
Alpha Computer Systems
UK supplier of PCs, components and hardware.
A-Top Technology, Inc.
Manufacturer of OEM IT, network server, computer cases and power supplies.
Digital Integrated System
Computer accessories manufacturer based in Penang, Malaysia.
Computers and accessories. Mothersboards, hard drives, memory, cases, modems and keyboards.
Sundial Micro, Inc.
Aluminum cases, cpu cooling devices, power supplies, case fans and hard drive coolers.
Supplier of PC hardware and peripherals.
Compucase UK
Designer and manufacturer of high end PC cases and computer power supplies. Also supplies secure industrial computer housings.
BCD 2000, Inc.
Computer systems, servers and custom built solutions.
Compute-Aid, Inc.
ATX Computer Cases and ATX Power Supplies.
Newcorp Technology LTD.
Sells USB storage, in-dash monitors and control boards.
Innovative Security Products
Design and manufacture security and lock down products to secure computers and office equipment.
Silicon Technologies
European distributor of computer components.
Kings Computers
New and used PC components.
Nyquist Solutions UK
Computer hardware, systems, peripherals and components.
Sino Success Industrial Ltd.
Manufacturers of memory modules, add-on cards, multi-media products, CPU accessories, USB products and cooler fans.
ICC Electronics, Inc.
Global electronic components distributor.
Personal Computer Upgrade Services
Computer components and upgrades offered.
Reseller of computer hardware such as water-cooling and modding products.
RBE Computer
One-stop source for all your computer needs.
Suppliers of refurbished and new parts to the computer maintenance industry.
Ash Distribution
Wide range of high quality computer components and accessories.
PC Progress
Everything needed to build a complete computer system from cases, motherboards, and RAM to monitors, modems, and NICs. Notebook drives also available.
Citadel Technology, Inc.
Computer DC input power supply transformers. The input is DC voltage that can be run from a battery.
Computer hardware and components.
DIY Computers
Computer hardware components, peripherals, software and systems.
Power Built Technologies
Computer sales.
International Products Inc.
For SRAM, Linear Flash, ATA Flash, ATA hard Disk and other PC Cards. MS-DOS/Windows or Binary Data Access.
Elma Electronic
Compact PCI enclosures and the complete product line.
CCT Computer
Manufacturer offering a complete line of upgrade CPU's, motherboards, sub-systems, and systems.
Online store for computers, network equipment, and accessories.
Nortech Industries
Wholesale distributors of computer components carrying a large volume of inventory of hard drives, motherboards, CPUs, CD-ROMs, cd-writers, networking products and memory.
Cobra Computer
Computers and parts, cases, motherboards, IDE drives and CDroms. Also, custom built computers.
NBE Computers
Sells barebones computer kits and hardware.
Source for Firewire hardware, peripherals and accessories.
CPU's and upgrades, processors, dual ports and point and scroll mouse.
Computer Parts Online
Complete line of computer hardware and components to build or upgrade your computer.
Kam Com Technologies, Inc.
Sells hardware components as well as a custom built computers.
Offer overclocking components for custom rigs, full system builds plus console hardware and software.
Sphinx Computers
Supplier of computer components to the trade.
Total Control Solutions
Computer hardware supplier featuring custom design kiosks, PC chassis, rackmounts, and industrial control and display technologies.
Cyber Supplies
Computer parts store selling hard drives, processors, memory and other upgrade products.
PC-cases, power supplies, speakers, multimedia systems and monitors.
Libra High-Tech, Inc.
Professional computer technical service provider, from system troubleshooting to upgrades and parts.
Discovery Computing
Providing computer systems, network design, premises wiring and implementation of networks, as well as, Website design, e-commerce solutions and database development.
Wholesalers of server memory and hardware.
Wellcom Internet Trading Ltd
On-line store selling color computer cases and components.
CR Consulting
Computer components, systems, and on-site service.
Source for computers, accessories, peripherals, and software.
QDL Resources
Manufacturer of video, sound and modem cards and motherboards.
Source for computer hardware, components or systems, pre-configured or custom.
Strange Brew PC's
Retailer offering components and computer systems.
Target Components Limited
VAR distributor of PC components.
Computer Warehouse
Offers brand name computer components.
Sells computer cases, systems, components and peripherals.
Vibe Computers
Complete computer solutions such as custom systems, hardware and software.

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