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Intel Corporation http://www.intel.com/
Designs, manufactures and markets microcomputer components and related products at various levels of integration. Principal components consist of silicon-based semiconductors etched with complex patterns of transistors.
ATI Technologies http://www.ati.com/
Designs, manufactures and markets chipsets and video cards for use in desktop, laptop, digital set-top boxes, TV and media gateways.
Acer Inc. http://global.acer.com/
Offering a broad range of PC products from industry-leading high-end PC servers and multimedia desktop computers to notebooks, computer peripherals and components.
Bell Microproducts http://www.bellmicro.com/
Wholesale distributor of computer components including semicondustors, crystals, tape libraries, RAID, and network attached storage.
D and H Distributing Co. http://www.dandh.com/
Wholesale distributor of computer and peripheral products.
TigerDirect.com http://www.tigerdirect.com
Large stock of components. Also offers great bundles with CPUs already included.
Solutionssite.com http://www.solutionssite.com
Authorized web site for Sun-certified toner cartridges, peripherals, software applications, supplies, adapters and services.
Dallas Semiconductor Corp http://www.dalsemi.com
Develops, manufactures and markets high performance CMOS integrated circuits and semiconductor-based systems.
Corsair memory http://www.corsairmicro.com
High density memory for high end servers, desktops and motherboards.
The PC Technology Guide http://www.pctechguide.com/
Includes many explanatory graphics, an integrated glossary and a product reviews feature.
FrontX http://www.frontx.com/
A product to flexibly relocate individual port to the front of a computer system.
Directron.com http://www.directron.com
Computers, hardware, software and solutions since 1991. Discounted online sales /ordering.
Cablemart http://www.cmicomputer.com/
VAR wholesaler for hard drives, cpus, motherboards, cases, modems, networks, and memory.
Continental Resources http://www.conres.com/
Computer hardware rental, leasing and buying, systems integration, test and measurement instruments, and power sources.
CaseCooler.com http://www.casecooler.com/
Sells cases, cables, power supplies, fans, and related cooling products.
Aria Technology http://www.aria.co.uk
Supplier of computer components and pre-built systems.
Glory Pioneer International LTD. http://pro-king.com
Offers enclosures, power supplies, optical storage devices, cameras and monitors.
Centerprise International http://www.centerprise.co.uk
Custom PC manufacturer and sales.
Enhance Electronics http://www.enhanceusa.com/
Manufacturer of power supplies.
Dragonfly Computer http://www.dragonfly-computer.com
Sells high end computer components
KryoTech Online http://www.kryotech.com/
The home of cool computing. PCs that contain their own refrigeration system, allowing a blistering 450 Mhz, speeds valuable to graphic artists, hard-core gamers, and other high performance users.
Computer Wholesale Distributors http://www.cpuprices.com/
Parts distributor. CPU's, memory, motherboards, and modems.
Nidec America Corporation http://www.nidec.com/
Manufacturers of precision motors, dominating the world's brushless dc motor market for hard disk drives. Fans & blowers, brushless motors, spindle motors.
Spectron Components, Inc. http://www.spectron.net
Electronic manufacturers representative specializing in front panel, back panel, interconnect, enclosures and power applications as well as board level components.
Utron Technology, Inc. http://www.utron.com.tw/
Designs and manufactures chipsets, graphics controllers and PC motherboard clock generators.
PC Upgrade http://www.pcupgrade.co.uk/
Memory, CPU, hard drives, mainboard, and VGA, with lifetime warranty on aLL memory modules.
Koutech Systems, Inc., http://www.koutech.com
Manufacturer of I/O cards, specializing in USB, FireWire, RS-232C, IEEE 1284, SCSI, and other I/O products.
Inland Empire Components http://www.lookic.com
World wide electronic stocking distributor.
Infinity Electronics http://www.infinityelectronics.com/
List with links of electronic components companies.
JCL Computer Parts http://www.bridgeview.com
Computer parts wholesaler specializing in aluminum computer cases, rack-mounted server cases, removable hard drive racks, and LCD touch screens.
Excellis Media Services http://www.excellis.net/
Offers file servers, CD duplication equipment, and networking products.
Compusave http://www.compusaveinc.net/
Supplies wholesale computer parts for the public. Motherboards, cpus, harddrives, sound and video cards.
OM Associates http://www.omassociates.com
Representative for manufacturers of memory, processors, communications, wireless and digital storage devices.
The Village Geek http://www.villagegeek.com
Sells computers and hardware with technical support.
Amamax http://www.amamax.com
Specializing in name brand components.
Junge GmbH http://www.server-switch.de/eng/
Sells switches, rackmount kits and cabling.
Keyco Distribution Ltd. http://www.keyco.ca
Sells computer accessories, cases and networking products.
A and N Lab's Inc. http://www.an-labs.com
Distributor of computer systems, components and peripherals.
Evergreen Technologies http://www.evertech.com
Designs, manufactures, and distributes system upgrades, and CPU processors for the personal computer marketplace.
Computer Goodies http://www.computergoodies.ca
carries brand name and generic components.
So-Trick Computers http://www.so-trickcomputers.com
Specializes in computer parts and peripherals, unique computer cases and parts to modify computers.
Leadman Electronics http://www.leadman.com/
PC computer distributor and sales.
Advanced Computers and Technologies http://www.advcomp.net
Computer components sales.
9th Tee Enterprises http://www.9thTee.com
Specialty electronic items, computer components, network cable connectors and jacks.
IBS Electronics http://www.ibselectronics.com
Electronics components, computer hardware, peripherals and hard to find items.
Anderson Computer Systems http://www.andersonpc.com
Complete line of internal computer hardware components and external peripherals thru fully assembled systems.
Ahead Computers Ltd. http://www.ahead-computers.com/index.html
Suppliers of computer components and accessories, computer upgrades.
Digitek http://www.payless411.com
Online computer shopping with brand name computer components for your home and office.
Tribeca Express http://www.tribecaexpress.com
Hardware sales with an emphasis on WAN equipment, video conferencing, cameras and display monitors and wireless ethernet.
KTS Systems http://www.ktscomputers.co.uk/
Supplying computer components, parts and complete systems.
KingliTech's http://www.kingli.com
Offers high-performance PC systems and quality upgrade components, like mother board, CPU, memory, disk drive, multimedia and networks.
MnWorks http://www.mnworks.net/
Computer components, hardware upgrade parts, online ordering, software, technical discussions rooms and networking.
MacBattery.com http://www.macbattery.com
Sells Macintosh clock batteries.
Royal Computer http://www.goroyalpc.com/
Technology source for computers and components.
Catch A Call http://www.catch-a-call-online.com
Source for call manager devices for Internet users with only one phone line. Uses call waiting to receive calls and faxes while online.
BLink PC http://www.blinkpc.com/
Provides custom and barebone computer systems, laptops and a full line of hardware and accessories.
Best Electronics http://www.becooling.com/
Supplies computer cases, cooling fans, heat sinks, cables and accessories.
TopMicro Distribution http://www.topmicrousa.com
Wholesale distribution company of PC components, motherboards, DVD/CD-ROMs, video, sound, PCMCIA and CPU/memory.
PC Center http://www.pccenter-chicago.com
Provides custom built computers with top-of-the-line name-brand components.
Fmjpadlock.com http://www.fmjpadlock.com
Leading manufacturer of security lock down and cable devices for computers and office equipment.
Caribe Computer Components http://www.caribeltd.com/
Complete line of discount computer hardware parts, peripherals and fully assembled systems.
NeoComputers http://www.neocomputers.com/
Direct reseller of custom computer systems, components, software, upgrade systems. You can configure any system online with immediate pricing updates. Online ordering available.
Deva Technologies http://www.devatec.co.uk
UK based supplier of PCs, components and hardware.
FM Electronics http://www.frimu.nl/engintro.htm
Prehistoric computer parts for retro computers.
BCR-PC Computers http://www.users.qwest.net/~bcrpc/
Resellers of single user to complete business networking PC solutions, as well as PC enhancements, upgrades, and streamlining.
PC Assist http://www.pcassist.co.uk
Builds and sells quality PCs and computer related products.
ComputerSonics Inc http://www.computersonics.com
Motherboards, CPUs, hardware, memory and motherboards sales in the Puget Sound area.
Pioneer Computers Australia http://www.pioneercomputers.com.au
Online shopping for large selection of top brand component.
Elmag Technologies Ltd. http://www.elmag.co.il
Manufacturers representative and distributor for electronic components.
Computer Upgrades 2000 Ltd http://www.upgrades.co.nz
Computer upgrades, troubleshooters, and virus busters.
Dtech.co.za http://dtech.co.za
Computer sales, components, upgrades and exports.
CBWnet.com http://www.cbwnet.com
Sells desktop and notebook systems, hardware components including processors, motherboards, memory, video cards and hard drives.
Dymatec http://www.dymatec.com/index.htm
Produces, distributes and custom designs protective computer enclosures and ModuLAN racking for workstations in potentially harmful environments.
Sony S-Link Resource Center http://www.brian-patti.com/s-link/
Devoted to understanding the Sony S-Link protocol, which allows components talk to each other. Links, bulletin boards and forums.
Computer Power Solutions, Inc http://www.computerpowersolutions.com/
Provides uninterruptible power, network server enclosures, rack mounts, cabinets and LAN centers.
ARI Systems http://www.arisystems.ro
Computer systems and components.
NuTrend http://www.nutrend.com/
Nationwide distributor of computer products. Hardware and some software; systems built to fit customer needs.
Concord Electronics http://Concord-elex.com
Essential parts and data for design and manufacture of electronics.
Southgate Computers http://www.southgatecomputers.com
Computer store, components and systems.
Alpha Computer Systems http://www.alphagroup.co.uk
UK supplier of PCs, components and hardware.
A-Top Technology, Inc. http://www.a-top.com/main.html
Manufacturer of OEM IT, network server, computer cases and power supplies.
Digital Integrated System http://www.dism.com
Computer accessories manufacturer based in Penang, Malaysia.
Flexisoft http://www.abcd.com.au/products/default.htm
Computers and accessories. Mothersboards, hard drives, memory, cases, modems and keyboards.
Sundial Micro, Inc. http://www.sundialmicro.com/
Aluminum cases, cpu cooling devices, power supplies, case fans and hard drive coolers.
Wyntec http://www.wyntec.com.au
Supplier of PC hardware and peripherals.
Compucase UK http://www.compucase-hec.co.uk/
Designer and manufacturer of high end PC cases and computer power supplies. Also supplies secure industrial computer housings.
BCD 2000, Inc. http://www.bcd2000.com
Computer systems, servers and custom built solutions.
Compute-Aid, Inc. http://www.compute-aid.com/atxcase.htm
ATX Computer Cases and ATX Power Supplies.
Newcorp Technology LTD. http://www.newcorp.com.tw
Sells USB storage, in-dash monitors and control boards.
Innovative Security Products http://www.isecure.com/
Design and manufacture security and lock down products to secure computers and office equipment.
Silicon Technologies http://www.silicon.ie
European distributor of computer components.
Kings Computers http://www.kingscomputers.net
New and used PC components.
Nyquist Solutions UK http://www.nyquist-solutions.co.uk/
Computer hardware, systems, peripherals and components.
Sino Success Industrial Ltd. http://www.sinohk.com/
Manufacturers of memory modules, add-on cards, multi-media products, CPU accessories, USB products and cooler fans.
ICC Electronics, Inc. http://www.icc-electronics.com
Global electronic components distributor.
Personal Computer Upgrade Services http://www.pcu-services.co.uk/
Computer components and upgrades offered.
PcPowerZone http://store.yahoo.com/pcpowerzone/
Reseller of computer hardware such as water-cooling and modding products.
RBE Computer http://www.rbecomputers.com/ie40index.htm
One-stop source for all your computer needs.
Charterpoint http://www.charterpoint.co.uk/
Suppliers of refurbished and new parts to the computer maintenance industry.
Ash Distribution http://www.ash-distribution.co.uk/
Wide range of high quality computer components and accessories.
PC Progress http://pcprogress.com/
Everything needed to build a complete computer system from cases, motherboards, and RAM to monitors, modems, and NICs. Notebook drives also available.
Citadel Technology, Inc. http://citadeltechnology.com/
Computer DC input power supply transformers. The input is DC voltage that can be run from a battery.
Ateck http://www.ateck.com/home.asp
Computer hardware and components.
DIY Computers http://www.diycomputers.com.au/
Computer hardware components, peripherals, software and systems.
Power Built Technologies http://www.comper.org/
Computer sales.
International Products Inc. http://www.intproducts.com/drives/drives.htm
For SRAM, Linear Flash, ATA Flash, ATA hard Disk and other PC Cards. MS-DOS/Windows or Binary Data Access.
Elma Electronic http://www.nared.com/elma/elma1.htm
Compact PCI enclosures and the complete product line.
CCT Computer http://www.cct.com
Manufacturer offering a complete line of upgrade CPU's, motherboards, sub-systems, and systems.
NeticaMall.com http://www.neticamall.com
Online store for computers, network equipment, and accessories.
Nortech Industries http://www.nortechind.com/
Wholesale distributors of computer components carrying a large volume of inventory of hard drives, motherboards, CPUs, CD-ROMs, cd-writers, networking products and memory.
Cobra Computer http://www.cobracomputer.com/
Computers and parts, cases, motherboards, IDE drives and CDroms. Also, custom built computers.
NBE Computers http://www.barebonespckits.com/
Sells barebones computer kits and hardware.
FirewireMAX http://www.firewiremax.com/welcome.html
Source for Firewire hardware, peripherals and accessories.
IT-Fulfillment.com http://www.it-fulfillment.com/
CPU's and upgrades, processors, dual ports and point and scroll mouse.
Computer Parts Online http://www.computerparts-online.com
Complete line of computer hardware and components to build or upgrade your computer.
Kam Com Technologies, Inc. http://www.kamcom.com
Sells hardware components as well as a custom built computers.
Pcmodshop.com http://www.pcmodshop.com
Offer overclocking components for custom rigs, full system builds plus console hardware and software.
Sphinx Computers http://Sphinxcomputers.co.uk
Supplier of computer components to the trade.
Total Control Solutions http://totalcontrolsolutions.com
Computer hardware supplier featuring custom design kiosks, PC chassis, rackmounts, and industrial control and display technologies.
Cyber Supplies http://www.cyber-supplies.com
Computer parts store selling hard drives, processors, memory and other upgrade products.
GSM-International http://bunteseiten.com
PC-cases, power supplies, speakers, multimedia systems and monitors.
Libra High-Tech, Inc. http://libra3000.com
Professional computer technical service provider, from system troubleshooting to upgrades and parts.
Discovery Computing http://www.discoverycomputing.com
Providing computer systems, network design, premises wiring and implementation of networks, as well as, Website design, e-commerce solutions and database development.
Aaserverparts.com http://www.aaserverparts.com
Wholesalers of server memory and hardware.
Wellcom Internet Trading Ltd http://www.wellcom-it.co.uk
On-line store selling color computer cases and components.
CR Consulting http://www.crtechnet.com
Computer components, systems, and on-site service.
Comzign.com http://www.comzign.com
Source for computers, accessories, peripherals, and software.
QDL Resources http://www.qrcn.com
Manufacturer of video, sound and modem cards and motherboards.
PRFHome.com http://www.prfhome.com
Source for computer hardware, components or systems, pre-configured or custom.
Strange Brew PC's http://www.strangebrewpc.com
Retailer offering components and computer systems.
Target Components Limited http://www.targetcomponents.co.uk
VAR distributor of PC components.
Computer Warehouse http://www.compwarehouse.com
Offers brand name computer components.
ANC's http://www.ancpc.com
Sells computer cases, systems, components and peripherals.
Vibe Computers http://www.vciw.com
Complete computer solutions such as custom systems, hardware and software.

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